Our Organization

Cancer Connect GH is part of Partnership in Cancer Care Initiative, a non for profit organization dedicated to cancer supporting persons affected by cancer. Our primary focus is to lessen the burden to those affected by cancer and improve their outcomes and quality of life. Our passion is to see those affected by cancer in this part of the world empowered with knowledge, resources and support to bring hope for the future. We therefore focus our energies on creating awareness, educating, giving valuable information, counseling and navigating our most valuable patients through the difficult facets of cancer. Whether you are newly diagnosed, caregiver, survivor, family or friend, we are here to support you.

Our Vision

To bring hope and comfort to all affected by cancer empowering them with resources through the cancer journey.

Our Mission

To create awareness, support and navigate anyone affected by cancer through timely information and valuable resources using best care practices.

Our Objectives
We have a purposeful intention to

  • Create and raise awareness to all, demystify myths and fears associated with cancer through counseling.
  • provide those affected by cancer with an easily accessible information platform that is understandable at all levels.
  • Navigating those affected by cancer through their cancer journey.
  • Breaking sociocultural, educational and economic barriers to bring hope and support at the doorstep of anyone affected by cancer.
  • Connecting everyone affected by cancer to services and valuable resources during their cancer journey and to connect them with those who have walked the path.
This portal seeks to bring together resources, relevant organizations across Ghana and the international community working together tirelessly in cancer prevention, screening, treatment, advocacy, supportive, palliative and end of life care.